By sending the loan application, the customer declares and guarantees that the information made available by him is true, correct and complete.
Understanding that the customer’s demographic and financial data stored in the Credit Register of the Bank of Albania will be treated in accordance with the legal and sub-legal framework in force for the protection of personal data, bank secrecy and professional secrecy, as well as due to the fact that IuteCredit Albania Sh.a. and the Credit Register of the Bank of Albania have taken all the necessary measures to guarantee the safe handling of its data:
The client gives IuteCredit Albania Sh.a. his full, free consent that, for the purposes that include:
1. Evaluation of the application to receive credit;
2. Credit risk assessment throughout the duration of the loan Client’s relationship with IuteCredit Albania Sh.a.;
3. Assessing the credibility of the Client as a person related to the borrower;
to get to know the Client’s obligations towards financial lending institutions, through the authorized processing of the Credit Register data, to assess the value of credit exposure in the banking and financial system, guarantees and reliability/ability to repay financial obligations.
Also, the Client gives consent that IuteCredit Albania Sh.a. to use his name and identifying and financial data, for the performance of standard and mandatory reports in the Credit Register of the Bank of Albania.
The customer accepts that he has been properly informed about his right to request information on his data during the period of their retention by IuteCredit Albania Sh.a. as well as correction/revision in cases where they are incorrect, incomplete. For such a purpose, the client declares that he is aware that any request for the above can be addressed to IuteCredit Albania Sh.a. like below:
• To the attention of: Contact person of IuteCredit Albania Sh.a. in which they can be addressed
claims on reported data;
• Street: Andon Z. Cajupi”, Palace No. 3, Entry No. 2, Floor 3, Tirana, Albania;

• 044505060
The Customer declares that he has carefully read and understood the content of this Prior Consent Clause and knows the relevant legal consequences regarding the processing of his personal data, financial information and/or any other information about himself in the capacity of the borrower .