Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions we receive. If you have another question, don't hesitate to contact us.
How can I apply for a loan and where?

You can apply for a loan directly from the Myiute application. Download for free in the App Store or PlayStore and follow the steps for the application. You will receive a call from our staff very soon.

Where can I pay the loan installments?

Installment payments can be made at any point of the Albanian Post, Easy Pay, Raea FS, WU and second level banks.

What documentation is required to get a loan?

To apply for a loan near iute, a valid means of identification is sufficient.

Can foreign nationals resident in Albania apply?

At the moment, only citizens with Albanian citizenship and a valid means of identification are financed in iute.

What products does iute offer and what are the credit limits for each product?

You can apply for a loan from 5,000 to 50,000 Lek.
You can also apply to buy a product with installment in the network of our partners.

If I already have a loan in iute, can I get a second one?

You can apply for a new loan at any time, even if you already have an active loan. Visit Myiute app to check your spending limit.

Can I prepay my loan and how can I do this?

If you want to pay off your loan ahead of time, visit Myiute app and select the early closing option. At the time of registering the action, you will be shown the amount you have to pay with the corresponding discount. This value will be valid to be paid within 5 days from the moment of saving the action.

What happens if the loan installment is not paid on time?

If you are not able to pay your loan installment on time, you can make a request to iute for installment postponement. If the answer is positive, you can postpone your installment for a period of 17 days for a small additional payment.

Where can I get information on my loan obligations?

For any information about your loan obligations, you can visit Myiute app or contact customer service at 044505060 from Monday to Sunday 08.00-21.00.

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