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The age of digitization: Interview with the expert behind the newest fintech website in Albania


Today, Estonia stands as a beacon of digitization, with the Estonian company iute showing this progress through a new website dedicated to its fintech operations. The craftsmanship behind this digital step prompts us to ask: What strategies are behind building such a site? To uncover the complexities behind iute’s online presence, we had a chat with Eneli Amur, Director of Online Presence at iute Group.

Mrs. Amur. What inspired the redesign of the iute website?

“The redesign of the iute web is part of our overall rebranding. In addition to modernization, the need for a rebranding is mainly due to the expansion of the business and our audience has expanded to include the entire population. We have studied the needs of our customers and aimed to create a web that reflects our wider service offerings, including payment services, digital wallet, and insurance. We want to make our services understandable, accessible, and friendly to anyone who accesses our site. Although the web is a big part of our online presence, we are also there for our customers through our app, on social networks and for people who prefer human contact – in all our branches.”

Can we learn more about the technical side of this development?

“Every new change is a work in progress, our goal is to listen to our customers and make changes accordingly. The web is part of this – we are constantly monitoring and improving, adapting to be more user-friendly. The focus is to improve our mobile apps first because that’s how customers prefer to use the site. We encourage all our customers to learn about our products on the website to familiarize themselves with the offers of partners, so the website is an extension and support for our application. The Myiute app, which is also constantly changing, offers so many spaces to explore. We have the next generation digital wallet service, which is far from the usual and traditional wallet. Our audience has expanded – and our new look and strategy is a reflection of that.”

Mrs. Amur, how does this new site fit into iute’s mission in the world of fintech?

“I would say that this shows our willingness to improve and find innovative solutions continuously. The website serves as a digital hub to connect with our goal of providing comprehensive financial solutions that are suitable for everyone. By using technology, we are improving the user experience and making financial services more understandable to a much wider audience.”

Is this website your answer to the challenges of the fintech ecosystem?

“Absolutely, we’re not just keeping up with the latest trends – we’re always aiming to lead these changes. To make the use of financial products easier and more importantly, accessible to everyone, we are focusing on every channel and our website is a strong point of support for the Myiute application. You can familiarize yourself with the products of our partners on the website and meanwhile, if you download the application, you will be informed in real time about the best offers. A website is more than just a response to challenges; is a commitment to make financial services simpler and more accessible. We have created a user-friendly platform where they can chat with us and find all the answers they need, with just a few clicks.”

What sets your website apart from the competition?

“What sets apart from competitors is our focus on a personalized user experience. The design is intuitive, ensuring ease of navigation and clarity of information. Furthermore, our commitment to innovation is evident in the seamless integration of various services, setting a new standard in the fintech industry for convenience and functionality. Our competitors, with whom we compare ourselves, are not only domestic, but international.”

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