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Do you want to be a financial “genius”? Here are the secrets you should know!


Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a money genius? In fact, it is enough to know only a few simple concepts.

What is credit?

For a moment, let’s think of products and services as candy and money as sugar. Getting a loan is like borrowing sugar from your neighbor, but with a clear plan of when you will pay it back. While the neighbor has lent you his sugar bowl, he has had to postpone cooking his dessert or he has gone and asked someone else for this amount of debt himself.

All this is the cost he has borne by giving you his ration of sugar. The neighbor wants to share this cost with you in the form of an interest. So the interest on your loan is what it costs your neighbor to help you.

Using the same example, imagine that you now have a craving for a dessert, but you have less sugar than you should. But in the future, you will have several different types of sugar. What if you could enjoy today’s dessert with tomorrow’s sugar?

This is how the smart solution “Buy now, Pay later” was born.

In order to make this concept as tangible as possible, we spoke with the jute expert Mrs. Lida Xhengo: “iute offers what has existed in the world for decades as a convenience: the “Pay Later” service. Practically, this is a trust service, where we help the customer to get the sweet offers, products and services that he aims for, without using his limited amount of “sugar”, but trusting that he will be able to continue to pay. Thus, his wishes are fulfilled without harming the current finances, but our partners also have the opportunity to enrich their showcases with various “sweets”.

As you can see, being a financial genius is like knowing how to cook a dessert. With the fast service “Pay Later”, you can enjoy the “sweet” offers, without hurting your current finances.

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