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iute: The innovation that is changing the market


As an innovative payment solution, iute is changing the way we make payments online and offline by offering advanced technology and services that are changing the market.

Now or later?

Iute offers “Pay Later” and “Pay Now” payment solutions throughout Albania. “Pay Now” refers to a payment method where the buyer pays for products or services at the time of purchase from their digital wallet.

On the other hand, “Pay Later” allows buyers to postpone payment for a certain period: this is done through the installment plan that the customer can choose according to his needs. So, the customer purchases now, receives the product and starts paying later.

When we talk about the “Pay Later” solution, one of the main advantages of iute is the pre-approved spending limit for customers. Customers with a pre-approved spending limit can enjoy stress-free shopping, buy whatever they want and pay the purchase later in installments. Already more than 40,000 customers in Albania are benefiting from the pre-approved spending limit.

The pre-approved spending limit is like a purchase loan, guaranteed to the customer whenever they need it. For stores, it means more sales and faster sales processing, as product credits are approved instantly.

Faster with QR Code

Another technological advantage that iute offers is the ability to make payments by scanning a QR code. This new payment method is simple and secure, enabling the customer to purchase with just one scan via phone.

For store staff this code makes processing payments and credits fast and effortless, as there is no need to fill out lengthy customer data forms. QR code payments are available for both Pay Now and Pay Later payment methods.

Put a signature… without moving!

Another important feature is that customers can sign their Pay Later loan agreements in the MyIute app with a digital signature. By eliminating lengthy contracts and the need to print and scan papers, the signing process becomes faster, making iute purchasing a perfect choice for business and individual purchases.

Do you see the future? It’s called e-commerce.

In any new technological development, the door that knocks the loudest is the one that has access to the future; to electronic commerce. Customers can shop at online stores that have installed the iute e-commerce plugin and pay for goods without leaving home. The iute plug-in for e-com can be installed in e-shops easily and within a few minutes and does not need specific IT knowledge.

This platform makes businesses more attractive to new customers and more persuasive for them to become regular customers. Businesses improve their payment processes, while customers benefit from the speed, security and ease of use offered by iute, enjoying their purchases more.

When compared to competitors, iute stands out with its advanced technological features such as pre-approved spending limit, QR code and digital signature functionality. These features provide a smooth, fast and efficient payment experience for both customers and partners, setting iute apart as a market-leading solution.

If you want to know more and start cooperation with iute, visit or contact +35544505060.


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