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The truth of offers with 0% interest; smart financing!


In an era of financial uncertainty, one offer stands out: Installment payments with 0% interest! But what is behind this deal? In this article you will discover the benefits and transparency behind these tempting offers.

How can we understand “product with installments, with zero interest”?

At first glance, buying on installments with 0% interest may seem too good to be true. However, transparency is at the core of these products. Unlike traditional financing options, products like Smart 0% from iute, for installment financing with 0% interest, put all the cards on the table, empowering consumers with clear terms and precise practices. The customer can buy the desired product in one of iute’s partners and make the payment in 4 equal installments, in 4 months, without any additional cost.

What does the customer benefit from Smart 0%?

Gone are the days of hidden fees and deceptive tactics. With Smart financing 0% means zero percent interest in paying the product in installments. Put simply: if the customer decides to buy a new smartphone that costs 100,000 ALL, with the Smart0% formula he will pay 4 installments of 25,000 ALL, not a penny more. Money always has a cost and this time, the cost is taken over by the business, to bring the citizens the best offer in the market.

What does Smart 0% mean for Albanian business?

On paper, marketing is a simple concept: attract the attention of your audience, fill a need of your customers and sell your product. In practice, the sales and marketing process goes through a long and complicated journey to win the mind and heart of the customer. In this way, from time to time ideas and promotional campaigns are created that make the end customer for themselves: “X% discount”, “Pay 1-Get 2” or “Smart 0%”, are all marketing tactics to increase the number of customers .

Ms. Iva Kuka, the person responsible for the marketing of the “Argjendari Donaldo” brand, tells more about products with installments with 0% interest: “Smart 0% is an interesting idea that attracts the attention of citizens. We have noticed an increase in customers asking about the possibility of buying our products by paying in installments with 0% interest via iute”.

Another comment on the benefits of the Smart 0% product and its impact on the technology industry, comes from Mr. Albi Hoxha, founder of the “Redline” brand: Smart 0% is a great idea to make customers for themselves because it is an opportunity that satisfies all parties: we want to sell as many products as possible, while customers want to buy new technological products and pay the best price. We undertake to pay value for money on time and this way the customer gets the best deal.”

To learn more about the financial logic behind the “Smart 0%” products, we asked Mr. Arbër Koruni, Director of the Commercial Department at iute. He explains to us that the truth behind Smart 0% is simpler than it seems.

Mr. Koruni: “It is called Smart because it offers customers the opportunity to make smart purchases by paying in installments and better managing their personal finances and 0% because it is true that the end customer pays 0% added interest on the product. Customers are skeptical but they can calculate very simply the value of the product and the installment by dividing the price into 4 installments, in 4 months and they will understand that there is no added cost. Such financial products have previously been introduced by giants such as Apple, Amazon and Walmart, and are now established products in global markets and have reaped tremendous success. The Albanian market is still developing but I am convinced that a jute is doing an excellent job in the financial education of the population.”

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