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Spending Limit
Money instantly guaranteed for you.
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Struggling to Buy on a Tight Budget?

  • Looking to buy but short on funds?
  • Eager to spend without financial strain?

Apply and get your personal spending limit, use it whenever you want and pay later in installments.

Find out why Choosing Spending Limit is a smart move

How to activate the Spending Limit?

You only pay based on the repayment plan when you utilize the available credit.


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    Before you know it, your Spending Limit will be ready on Myiute, in your digital wallet.

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Special Offer.

Activate your Spending Limit now and enjoy a 50,000 ALL loan with 0% interest for 2 months.

kredi prej 50,000 All me 0% interes

Follow the 3 steps below

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Get quick answers to common questions about the Spending Limit.

What's the highest limit available to me?

Apply for your Spending Limit and uncover the amount waiting for you.

Are there any obligations if I choose not to use the Spending Limit?

No, you only make payments based on the repayment plan when you utilize the available credit.

Where can I use the Spending Limit?

Accepted within the iute partner network.