Loan protection insurance

If you have an active loan with iute, this insurance provides the policy holder with financial protection.

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Credit Protection Package

Protect your family in case of loss of life or permanent total disability, from the obligation to pay the loan taken from you.

Credit Protection Plus

Prevent unexpected events. Take advantage of Free Check Up and get up to 50% discount in a wide network of hospitals and private clinics.

What cases are covered by Loan protection insurance?

Credit Protection
Credit Protection Plus
Loss of borrower's life
Accidental loss of life
Permanent total disability
Medical Check Up
Discount Card in Private Clinics/Hospitals

Read the terms of the debtor's life insurance and give voluntary consent to be insured.

General Conditions – Contractual information for life insurance of the debtor.

Life Insurance

I give my consent to IutePay shpk that I agree to have “Life Insurance for Loan” with the Insurance Company chosen by me, in order to secure the loan with IuteCredit Albania Sh.a